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SJI Parts creates visual performances, in which the verbal and non verbal arts come together and merge. The audience is sometimes a part of the experience itself and sometimes situated in an audience placing. The main theme of SJI Part’s pieces is always a question or thought. A search with a philosophical difficulty or the (in)possibility to react to a situation or another person. Choreographer, composer and director Steffie van Leth-Löhr, ( SJI ) thinks in and works with symbolic scenes. She often creates an oppressive environment in which is mostly also a chuckle being enforced. The works of Steffie are sometimes shameless and bold, but always visible filled with her admiration and fascination for the human body. Body’s scanning and feeling each other, hoping the minds will be able to connect.


My work


  • Intermission | Focus Filmtheater, Arnhem
  • What time is it? | Theater de Leeuw, Arnhem
  • Schuttingleed | H80 Festival Arnhem
  • Roodkapje, pret-operette | Theater Het Hof Arnhem
  • De Zieners | project studenten RijnIJssel Theater | theater De Leeuw, Arnhem
  • Toen Rood Zwart werd | afstudeervoorstelling Theater RijnIJssel, Arnhem
  • Nemeton | Woodhenge, Millingen aan de Rijn
  • Human Zoo | H80 Festival Arnhem
  • Mijn Ruimte | Fort Pannerden, Pannerden
  • Gliding China | MMKA Arnhem, Supperclub Amsterdam, Schouwburg Arnhem, ism Lisa Vieten
  • Bataljon 5 Bloemkoolformatie | H80 Festival Arnhem
  • Somewhere alone | Dansweek Gelderland, diverse podia
  • Zoet-Zout | Het Nederlands Watermuseum Arnhem
  • Surface | Vooropleiding Dansacademie Arnhem ArtEZ
  • Eenzaam de jouwe | Dudok Arnhem, ism Lorenzo Borrella
  • Gesponnen | Sonsbeek Theater Avenue, Arnhem
  • Patroon Rood | Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Stadstheater Arnhem
  • Sanctus | Theaterwerkplaats De Zaal, Arnhem
  • A-type | Wisselwerk Holland Dance Festival, T Hemeltje Wageningen, De rode laars Nijmegen
  • Breek mij, begeer mij | Straffe madammen en makke mannen Eindhoven, Theater het Hof Arnhem
  • This Quotidian Beauty | Willemeen Arnhem, theaterwerkplaats De Zaal Arnhem
  • Pan | Lutherse kerk Arnhem, Midzomerschans festival Texel
  • Het Zoete Bestaan | Huiskamerfestival Zutphen, La Capella Arnhem
  • Duet der Zinnen | Club Oostpool Arnhem, Theaterfestival Sonsbeek Avenue Arnhem
  • Tjörn | Straatfestival Ugchelen, Waalse kerk Arnhem
  • Breathe | Steiger Theater, Nijmegen en Theater ’t Hemeltje, Wageningen
  • Dukkha | Theaterwerkplaats De Zaal, Arnhem ism Peter Löhr
  • LEEG | Showroom Arnhem, Kunstenlab Deventer
  • Harteklank in samenwerking met La Zona | Hervormde kerk, Gendt
  • Mist | Anne ten Ham, Stichting Scarabee
  • Eat My Cake | Theater het Hof, Arnhem en Hoogte 80 Festival, Arnhem

Steffie van Leth


About me

Because Steffie is a choreographer, she often worked together with composers to complete her theatrical- and dance-performances. After a few years she began composing herself, because the images and creations formed in her mind were already connected with music, sounds and silences she heard. Since 2019 van Leth composes also work that stands on it’s own. Intermission is her debut work. In 2021 she wrote her second piece: Tim and the mirror world. Meantime Intermission is released on cd.


LethDansant Foundation

SJI Parts, Danstheatre LethDansant and STEFFIE VAN LETH.NL are part of the LethDansant Foundation

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