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Danstheatre LethDansant

Classical Ballets

With Dancetheatre LethDansant Steffie creates classical ballets for theatre, castles and festivals. These are presentations for the whole family ( 4+ ). Fairytales translated to classical ballet. After her education at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten ( Artez Arnhem ) Steffie taught mostly classical ballet at schools and institutions in the Netherlands. The art of the classical ballet stole her heart since the very first moment she started as a student at the dance academie at the age of ten. With her ballets she gives the audience a moment to escape in a fairytale, filled with magical costumes and theatre lights. These tales are always provided with an important moral and are supported by classical music from the important classical composers. Because of this the performances of LethDansant are often experienced as educative works but still a pleasure to go to.


My work


2023 De Indische Waterlelies - Theater het Hof, Arnhem
2022 Niemand weet, niemand weet… Stadstheater Arnhem
2021 Assepoester – Stadstheater Arnhem
2019 De verjaardag van tante Teuntje – Theater het Hof, Arnhem
2018 Het Lelijke Eendje – Kasteel Ammersoyen, Ammerzoden
2018 Niemand weet, niemand weet… – Musis, Arnhem i.s.m. de koperblazers van Het Gelders Orkest
2018 Het Lelijke Eendje – Kasteel Cannenburch, Vaassen
2018 Roodkapje – Theater RhederArt, Dieren
2017 Het Lelijke Eendje – Providentia, Gendt
2017 Roodkapje – Stadsatelier Ons Huis, Wageningen
2017 Het Lelijke Eendje – Stadstheater Arnhem
2017 Assepoester – Providentia, Gendt
2017 Roodkapje – De Meerpaal, Ede
2017 Assepoester – Kasteel Ammersoyen, Ammerzoden
2017 Roodkapje – Kasteel Cannenburch, Vaassen
2017 Roodkapje – Theater het Hof, Arnhem
2016 Roodkapje – Kasteel Ammersoyen
2016 Roodkapje – Stadstheater Arnhem
2016 Assepoester – Kasteel Cannenburch
2016 De Notenkraker – Theater het Hof, Arnhem
2015 Assepoester – het Sprookjesfestival, Arnhem
2015 Doornroosje – Festival Lust, Theater het Hof, Arnhem
2015 De Notenkraker – Festival Lust, Theater het Hof, Arnhem
2015 Doornroosje – Kasteel Doorwerth
2014 De Notenkraker – Kastanjelaan 13, Velp
2014 De Notenkraker – Het Sprookjesfestival, Arnhem
2014 Doornroosje – De Meerpaal, Ede
2013 Doornroosje – Sprookjesfestival Arnhem
2013 Doornroosje – Podium Roepaen, Ottersum
2012 Peter en de Wolf - Trans Arnhem
2010 De Kraanvogel – Sonsbeek Theater Avenue, Arnhem
2010 De Kraanvogel – Theaterwerkplaats De Zaal, Arnhem
2009 De Kraanvogel – Triafata Festival, Arnhem

Steffie van Leth


About me

Because Steffie is a choreographer, she often worked together with composers to complete her theatrical- and dance-performances. After a few years she began composing herself, because the images and creations formed in her mind were already connected with music, sounds and silences she heard. Since 2019 van Leth composes also work that stands on it’s own. Intermission is her debut work. In 2021 she wrote her second piece: Tim and the mirror world. Meantime Intermission is released on cd.


LethDansant Foundation

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