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Steffie van Leth | choreographer, composer, theatermaker

 'TARANIS' | Intermission | Steffie van Leth

AMARO DOLCE Steffie van Leth | Amaro Dolce

EP | Music

This music was composed for the festival production "Bitter-Zoet" for which Steffie van Leth did not only take care of the music but also made the choreography for this theatrical dance performance.

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TARANIS TARANIS | Intermission

Music | Videoclip

Taranis is an old Celtic name for the God of Thunder. "All my thoughts are vanished Taranis, lost no more in plenitude pity. I'm aware this tension will purge me, when thy raid is here to remind me."

Taranis is a track from the CD 'Intermission'.



INTERMISSION concerns being dominated by this feeling of emptiness. Nihilism. Not knowing why to exist and where to go. Impregnated with the uselessness of existence and the lack of emotions and experience within oneself.

DAWN: the day starts. The crows are flying around the church tower, while the bells announce the coming day. “In my dreams this hurting stops and all is peacefully and quietly. Do not wake me morning bells, be still and kind.” MANIFEST OF THE SUN: the choir asks the sun to manifest, so the coldness of one’s existence can be warmed up. “sun do cover with glory, manifest a hopefull story. Sun reveal your brightness, heal my sight with kindness.” BROKEN SPIRIT: the feeling of loneliness appears. Loneliness because of the impossibility to reach one’s own faith and emotions. There is no recognition with others to share. Loneliness. “silene within me, heaven I’m so sorry.... My faith is stolen, my spirit broken. Silence you comfort me not.” MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB: to literally search for a new challenge, hoping that finding one will bring curiosity, power, endeavor and merriment. Being able to fulfill. Finding fulfillment. To fill the emptiness. “all the skills that I gathered seem useless today, not knowing how they can impel me. The horizon is mirky and mist clogs my sight, I can’t find any mountain to climb.” INTERMISSION: "I grow accustomed to this stagnation, stirless is my world. Present day please set me free.” CAPTURED: the emphasis is the standing still. Not being able to move on. “this existence of wandering, imprisoned in these thoughts. No protection near from the sadness of knowing.” ROBIN: something unexpected occurs; being amazed about something small, but so important. Watching a Robin as this little bird creates a new feeling inside. “Sweet Robin you hide in my garden. So proudly you hop to the pond. And as the cold wind caresses your sweet chest of red, can you feel my pry, admiring, losing regret?” TARANIS: being aware of one’s own insignificance. Taranis is the Celtic name of the god of thunder. There is no time to worry about philosophical questions when real and visible threat rules. “all my thoughts are vanished Taranis, lost no more in plenitude pity. I’m aware this tension will purge me, when thy raid is here to remind me.” THE VALLEY IN ME: a relapse after being moved. THE OLD OAK TREE: the counter tenor words the old oak tree. “come close to me before you walk on, together with everything we are one. Your life is short but great it can be. Release your doubts and believe, be free.” The choir words his leaves: “mystical moon, shining stars and the sun look most beautiful when you do have to look up.” AS THE RAIN NARRATES: narrating raindrops. The melody of the old oak tree occurs, by which his message is being endorsed by the rain. HOPE: the search, experiencing the little greatness and the power of nature brought something. No solution, no happy ending but something excistensial: hope! In this song Hope is a person and she is coming back. Doing this she opens doors to all emotions and feelings which are so important to understand what happiness really means. “I feel her presence, het home coming into my soul. As Hope enters this familiar force floats through my heart and mind and I am filled with passion. Read more

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Fragments of the CD Intermission are here availible:

Previous concerts Intermission
- Dorpskerk Schaarsbergen 2022
- Hoogte 80 Festival Arnhem 2020
- Waalse kerk Arnhem 2019

Tim and the Mirror World SJI Parts | Tim and the Mirrorworld

Musical Narration

Tim and the mirror world is a musical narration about the inner live of the boy Tim. A story filled with symbolism and a quest for answers and personal growth. Be carried away in Tim's fantasy. From actions in his mirror world to questions from the real world. Meet Hastor his ship in the sky, Compass his guide, Ruby island, Snow moon and his teacher miss Apple. Close your eyes, listen and travel to the depth. Invest if or how the inner world and the earthly world enrich and complete each other.

View fragments of Tim..

Human Zoo Human Zoo | CD Cover

Music | Dance Performance

In 2017 van Leth created the music for her performance 'Human Zoo' herself. This was put on cd, so the audience was able to take the music with them afterwards seeing 'Human Zoo'.

There are a few cd’s left and now for sale on their own. To order this CD you have to send an e-mail with your name and address and the Human Zoo CD will be send to you.
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Steffie van Leth

Steffie van Leth

About me

Because Steffie is a choreographer, she often worked together with composers to complete her theatrical- and dance-performances. After a few years she began composing herself, because the images and creations formed in her mind were already connected with music, sounds and silences she heard. Since 2019 van Leth composes also work that stands on it’s own. Intermission is her debut work. In 2021 she wrote her second piece: Tim and the mirror world. Meantime Intermission is released on cd.

Dancetheatre LethDansant

Classical Ballets

With Dancetheatre LethDansant Steffie creates classical ballets for theatre, castles and festivals. These are presentations for the whole family ( 4+ ). Fairytales translated to classical ballet. After her education at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten ( Artez Arnhem ) Steffie taught mostly classical ballet at schools and institutions in the Netherlands. The art of the classical ballet stole her heart since the very first moment she started as a student at the dance academie at the age of ten. With her ballets she gives the audience a moment to escape in a fairytale, filled with magical costumes and theatre lights. These tales are always provided with an important moral and are supported by classical music from the important classical composers. Because of this the performances of LethDansant are often experienced as educative works but still a pleasure to go to.

SJI Parts

Music | Theatre | Dance

SJI Parts creates visual performances, in which the verbal and non verbal arts come together and merge. The audience is sometimes a part of the experience itself and sometimes situated in an audience placing. The main theme of SJI Part’s pieces is always a question or thought. A search with a philosophical difficulty or the (in)possibility to react to a situation or another person. Choreographer, composer and director Steffie van Leth-Löhr, ( SJI ) thinks in and works with symbolic scenes. She often creates an oppressive environment in which is mostly also a chuckle being enforced. The works of Steffie are sometimes shameless and bold, but always visible filled with her admiration and fascination for the human body. Body’s scanning and feeling each other, hoping the minds will be able to connect.


Steffie van Leth

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